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CA - Anderson sex offender shoots intruder (Melanie Piette & Michael Felsch) in self defense

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ANDERSON - Shasta County deputies are seeking the last of three suspects in a shooting incident that left one man in critical condition. Investigators believe an Anderson resident shot an intruder in self-defense during an attempted robbery.

The incident started around 2 p.m. Wednesday.

Deputies said a woman came to the home of _____, 56. _____, a convicted sex offender, told KRCR News Channel 7 how two intruders tried to rob him. "She pushed me back in [the house]. I realized she was involved in it, and she kept threatening me with a taser," he said. "They were robbing me. They were trying to strongarm me because I'm a registered sex offender."

The woman, later identified as 41-year-old Melanie Piette of Redding, came to _____’s door, posing as a utility worker. Piette told _____ she needed to inspect the gas lines.

Piette then allowed another suspect to enter the home, 38-year-old Michael Felsch of Redding.

Felsch reportedly had a weapon and made threats to harm the homeowner _____ unless he gave him money. Fearing for his safety, _____ grabbed a gun and shot Felsch several times in the torso.

The man and woman then ran out and drove to the nearby Win River Casino. There investigators said they met up with Daniel Zamora, 28 of Redding. Zamora drove Felsch to Mercy Medical Center and dropped him off.

"It's not for them to be my judge and jury," _____ said. "I've already been tried and did my 18 years."

Deputies said Zamora then left the GMC pickup at a Redding motel with the keys inside. The vehicle had previously been reported stolen.

As of Thursday afternoon, deputies were still looking for Melanie Piette. If you have information, call the Shasta County Major Crimes Unit at (530) 245-6135.

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