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FL - Pasco County eighth grader faces child porn charge

Juvenile sex offenders
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By Chris Trenkmann

14-year-old posted nude photos on Facebook

NEW PORT RICHEY - A Pasco County eighth grader faces a felony child pornography charge after deputies say he posted nude pictures of a 13-year-old girl on Facebook.

Deputies said the 14-year old boy had been exchanging pictures on the app Kik but became angry when the girl stopped sending explicit photos.

"I can't imagine how horrified that mother was to look on Facebook and see a picture of her daughter masturbating," said Det. William Lindsey.

The girl, meanwhile, told investigators she never expected to see those photos made public.

"She's devastated," Lindsey said. "This was a guy she thought she was in a relationship with and that she had no idea that this was going to take place."

Detectives said the boy posted the photos to Facebook after she refused to send him more nude photos.

ABC Action News spoke with the suspect's mother, who said this was a case of two kids arguing and that it shouldn't have escalated into adult felony charges. She also said the girl is partly to blame for sending the nude photos in the first place.

Pasco County Sheriff's Chris Nocco said this is an example of why parents need to be careful when allowing their kids to have portable devices like tablets and cellphones. In this case, Kik doesn't require a phone line for members to text each other photos and videos. And because Kik is a foreign-owned website, it can be difficult to track or investigate criminal activity like child porn.

Deputies said parents need to pay close attention to these apps and monitor what their kids are sending and receiving because predators often use them as a place to contact minors.

"They find them. They send them sexually explicit photos. They solicit children for photographs," Lindsey said. "It becomes a problem because parents don't even realize what they're children are seeing."

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