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MT - Former Malta police officer (Taylon Bain) sentenced for child sex abuse

Taylon Bain
Taylon Bain
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By Emilie Boyles

GLENDIVE - Former Glendive and Malta police officer Taylon Bain was sentenced to 32 years prison in the Montana State Prison with 24 of the years suspended on four counts of sexual intercourse without consent and one count of sexual abuse of a child.

The sentence was significantly longer and more than agreed to in a plea agreement signed last summer because since that time Bain violated the terms of therapy.

The charging documents identified four female victims between the ages of 13 and 16 beginning in 2004 through December 2009.

Prior to sentencing, Bain apologized to the court. He said he accepted responsibility for the crimes he has committed and said he was taking steps to become a better person and realize the problems he has.

Therapist Michael Sullivan from the South Central Treatment Associates in Billings testified that Bain has been diagnosed with multiple deviancies or compulsive predatory sexual interests which each manifested through grooming victims utilizing good works and positions of power, including his tenure as a police officer with the Glendive police department.

One victim said that she thought what she was being asked to do sexually was okay because Bain was a police officer.

The prosecution said that the community's inability to see that his charisma was part of the way he groomed his victims which he selected from a dance class, 4-H, and Special Olympics where he volunteered showed that the community would not support his treatment and he needed to be removed.

One letter said, "There have been many times I have left my children with Mr. Bain, including my daughter, in full confidence that they were in safe hands and I would do the same today without hesitation."

Bain is a former Glendive and Malta police officer who served as an officer during some of the time period during which his crimes occurred.

Since leaving law enforcement several years ago Bain has worked as DJ/sound man and for oilfield service companies. He also owns a trucking company. Sullivan testified that Bain should not be allowed to own his own business as that would not allow for the type of supervision necessary for his crime and type of diagnosis.

Bain will not be eligible for release or parole until he has completed at least phase one of sex offender treatment. He will also be required to take annual HIV tests, and throughout the duration of his supervision he will be required to have a trained chaperone when he is around anyone under the age of 18, never be in a position of power or authority over children, be registered for life as a sex offender, and pay for any counseling needs of his victims.

Judge Simonton noted "Even though you pleaded guilty to the four instances of sexual intercourse without consent it appears that there were many more... Your lawyer indicated you have a deviant sexual condition. I agree. Unfortunately that condition is uncontrolled." He went on to add that there were likely additional victims and that in incidents like this it is generally "not the whole story."

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