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PA - Bishop Jack Wisor with "The Solution" inside the PA State Capital

Bishop Jack Wisor
Bishop Jack Wisor
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Bishop Wisor Asks -- Who Is Really To Blame?

What do the 1950's, insane asylums, severely overcrowded prisons, mental health and psych units bursting at their seams and epidemic homelessness in Pennsylvania all have in common? Is there a connection? Is anyone responsible? Who is really to blame?

If those questions intrigue you and pique your curiosity, listen to the man who can connect all the dots for you; the man who has been given the answers through the divine anointing on his life. Bishop Jack Wisor, THE SOLUTION, returned to Harrisburg to speak at the Capitol on Wednesday, November 20th from Noon until 1:00 pm.

Bishop Wisor timed his long-awaited return to coincide with the observance of National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. Who could possibly be more appropriate to speak -- and with authority and experience -- on the subject of homelessness in Pennsylvania than the minister who heads up the largest faith based homeless ministry in this state?

Bishop Wisor is the founding minister of the First Apostles' Doctrine Church of Brockway and Brookville and the founder and president of the mission field of the church, The Just for Jesus Challenge Homeless Outreach Ministry, the largest faith-based homeless ministry in Pennsylvania.

Now providing a home to an average of 80 men, women and families every night, Bishop Wisor has provided a home to over 1150 guests in the first eleven years of the ministry. Since giving over his personal home in 2003 and being obedient to the call that God placed on his life, Bishop Wisor turns no one away. He has staunchly proclaimed that the church is and must be a refuge and sanctuary for all in need, including the homeless and the poor. The doors must remain open 24/7 and accept all, regardless of who they are, what they have done or where they have come from.

In becoming the voice for those in this state who have no voice -- the least of these -- the very people that Jesus would be spending his time with if He were here today in the flesh -- Bishop Wisor has faced more than his share of opposition from the local community and local and state government leaders. Some of those with prime offices in the Capitol where he will be speaking have tried the hardest with many maneuvers to derail his efforts, close the ministry and shut down what he is doing for all -- including former inmates, former felons, former sex offenders and actually, anyone who is homeless and is an outcast from today's society. We wonder if they have finally figured out that the harder they try to crush what Bishop Wisor is doing, the stronger he gets and the ministry continues to grow by leaps and bounds. They don't have the solution, but they are willing to destroy THE SOLUTION. God will not be mocked!

Bishop Wisor will also be speaking about one of his newest initiatives, establishing only the second satellite operation in Pennsylvania under license with KIDS AGAINST HUNGER®, the international organization whose goal is to eliminate the starvation and effects of starvation that kill between 18,000-25,000 children each day worldwide -- one every 5 seconds. Guests of the ministry will be involved daily in packaging food to be sent around the United States and overseas -- and then eventually following that food to make sure it ends up in the mouths of the children who truly need it.

Bishop Wisor has been presented with an incredible opportunity that could literally be THE SOLUTION for the homeless in this state, the inmates and offenders who have nowhere to go and no one to want them and for the lunatics who have been missing and absent from our sight. Come listen and learn as Bishop Wisor teaches you what no one else has spoken -- because no one else has been shown the vision or given the divine understanding.

Listen to the man who has been called "the tip of the spear", "the light on the hill" and "the voice of this state". Come hear THE SOLUTION and become part of the solution, as Bishop Wisor heralds this cry: "Churches, turn your lights on....they're coming!"

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