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TN - Bill would place 'sex offender' on convicted offender's license

Sex offender scarlet letter
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NASHVILLE - Should sex offenders have the status marked on their driver's license in Tennessee?

The idea received a good bit of debate Wednesday on Capitol Hill.

A new bill (HB-1747) would require the words "sex offender" to be stamped on a convicted offender's driver's license in red three times.

It would increase state expenditures one time by $150,000.

The sponsor of the House bill, Rep. Matthew Hill of Jonesborough, told a sub-committee he got the idea from a constituent at a daycare where people have to show identification to be on a list to pick up children.

Critics pointed out the stamp would open offenders up to another level of ridicule.

The bill, first filed in late January, was put on hold to give lawmakers time to think.

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