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TX - Registered Sex Offender Speaks Out

Registered Sex Offender Speaks Out
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By Christina Coleman

New law makes it easier for registered sex offenders to get jobs by removing their place of employment from the sex registry.

However, one register sex offender is speaking out for more change.

He says law enforcement should only have access to the registry.

This man who doesn't want to be identified says he was charged with sexual assault in 1991.

He says he was 17-years-old when the 16-year-old girl he was dating claimed he sexually assaulter her.

He says he's innocent, but plead no contest because he was scared.

He says he didn't know his name would end up on a sex offender registry for the rest of his life.

He wants law enforcement to only have access to the registry to protect himself and his family.

Registered sex offenders still have to put their home address on the sex offender registry.

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