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AUSTRALIA - Provest supports national public sex offender register

Geoff Provest
Geoff Provest
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There are already laws on the books for murder so why is another useless law named after a dead child needed? Is it just so this man can look like a "savior" of children to help his career?


By Alina Rylko

Tweed State MP Geoff Provest has supported the call for a national public sex offender register to prevent heinous crimes against children.

The push for the legislation, dubbed Daniel's law, follows the conviction of _____ for murdering 13-year-old Sunshine Coast boy Daniel Morcombe.

_____ was a known sex offender who broke parole numerous times before kidnapping Morcombe from a bus stop.
- If he broke parole numerous times, then that's an issue in your parole system that needs to be fixed, not something more laws will fix.

"In the Tweed, offenders can move from jurisdiction to jurisdiction to avoid prosecution, so a national approach is needed," Mr Provest said.

"Therefore I'm very open to an unrestricted list of sex offenders."
- Which will just open them, their families and their own children up to vigilantism, which is a problem all across the world where online registries exist.

"Any parent will want to know if there are sex offenders in their area and if they're safe."
- What about all the other ex-felons who are dangerous?  Sex offenders have one of the lowest recidivism rates of all other ex-felons, yet they are singled out?  What about an online registry for every ex-felon?

"You can never get back a child's innocence once they have been sexually assaulted; it's a lifetime sentence for them."

"Therefore it should be a lifetime sentence for the offender, who I believe should loose a lot of their rights."

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