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CA - Bill calls for all child predators to register as sex offenders

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SACRAMENTO - Sexual predators who are granted rehabilitation certificates are not required to register as sex offenders. A bill passed by the Assembly Public Safety Committee would require all convicted child predators to register as sex offenders.

Currently 245 people in California could seek rehabilitation certifications and not have to register as sex offenders. One court case ruled that it was unequal treatment to allow a group of sex offenders to get rehabilitation certificates, and deny a similar group of offenders the same opportunity. Legislation sponsored by Assem. Eric Linder, R-Corona, would require adults convicted of sexual acts with a child under the age of 10 to seek a rehabilitation certificate and register as a sex offender.

Linder says a loophole in a 2006 Senate bill allows for adults that are convicted of sexual crimes with children under 10 to apply for a certificate of rehabilitation and his bill would address that.

"We wanted to make it very clear that the intent of this law is so that anybody does acts like this with children cannot be, cannot be apply for an exemption," Linder said.

Assembly Bill 1438 (PDF) now moves to the Assembly Appropriations Committee for consideration.

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