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MI - Concentration Camps, Mass Paranoia, and Mass Panic with author Shaun Webb

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By Activist Central

Orwellian style novelist Shaun Webb, author of “Behind the Brick” is about a sex offender concentration camp – A futuristic political drama which also deals with the sex offender paranoia. Other books to his credit are “Motion for Innocence … And Justice for All?”, “Black Jacks” and “A Killer for the Queen”.

Mr. Webb is a full time writer and lives in mid-Northern Michigan with his Border Collie Cody. A Motion for Innocence has reached #1 on three Amazon charts: Perspectives of Law, Conflicts of Crime and Court systems.

He is currently working on a new 4 book series entitled Jody Madison. This work deals with young people and bullying. Characteristics include, but are not limited to, the supernatural, bullying (of course), an old oak tree and an entity that befriends the bullied Jody. The book will be released in 4 segments (serial). 2 books in 2014 and 2 in 2015. The work will cover each season of the year.

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