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The only state that honors the constitution

User story
The following was sent to us via the "Tell Us Your Story" form and posted with the users permission.

By John Doe:
In 1994 I entered a "Best Interest Plea" in Tennessee for a charge of rape against my then 9 year old niece while a custody battle ensued.

A plea bargain of 1 year in jail and 7 years of probation as opposed to 30 years in prison.

My now dead lawyer never said anything about the SOR of which then I would have had to register for 10 years only. But as you well know the US(SS) has changed the laws so much that I would have had to register for life. After 2 more terms of registry violations I went through each states requirements on sex offender registration. Most of them are written from the same idiotic politicians trolling for votes. I thought I was screwed for life. The I came to Alaska's laws. If your offense was prior to the enactment of the law in this case 1994 you don't have to register in Alaska even if your registered in another state for life. The lawmakers tried to change this several times but the Alaska state constitution says no way it's gonna happen. It's expo facto period and we the people of Alaska abide by our and the federal constitution. So now I'm living in Alaska where I am not required to register. What a relief.

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