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WA - Interview with serial killer Patrick Drum

Patrick Drum
Patrick Drum
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For more about Patrick Drum, click the "Gary Blanton" label above.

Vigilantism is a major problem and that is why the online registry (hit-list) needs to be taken offline and used by police only!


An Activist Central Two-Hour Special with a pre-recorded February 14th telephone interview of serial killer Patrick Drum inside Walla Walla Washington maximum security prison.

In June 2012, Patrick Drum, a man with a lengthy criminal background, shot and killed two men in Port Angeles, WA, and planned to kill two others had he not been caught by the police. Many people consider him a “hero” because his targets were “Registered Sex Offenders.” Drum believes this country was “founded on vigilantism” and his actions were justified. In this Special Two-Hour Episode of Activist Central, hear the shocking, exclusive interview with the killer himself, Patrick Drum.

Also joining Activist Central is Derek Logue, founder of Once Fallen and the producer of an upcoming documentary on the Patrick Drum killings. Mr. Logue will take us behind the scenes of the upcoming documentary and discuss the details about the killings you won’t hear about in the media.

Is Patrick Drum a hero, or is a monster in his own right? Tune in and decide for yourself.

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