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AZ - Former Mesa cop (Walter Knox) turned art dealer arrested for sexual assault

Walter Knox
Walter Knox
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By Jason Volentine

SCOTTSDALE - A former Mesa cop and Scottsdale ancient art dealer is in trouble, accused of sexual assault in a case with bizarre details emerging from a police report.

Walter Knox, 42, is the owner of Knox Artifacts in downtown Scottsdale. Police served a search warrant and arrested Knox at his business last week.

Two women in their late 20s are listed as victims in the police report with one of the women claiming sexual assault. Knox is also charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

A Scottsdale police report said officers found cocaine and guns when they searched Knox Artifacts.

In the report, officers said during the arrest that Knox claimed he was the victim of a theft and assault at a strip club the night before.

One of the cops present at the arrest noted in his report that Knox looked high. Another officer said Knox talked at length about his experience as a Mesa police officer, shootings in which he had been involved and his current medical issues.

Knox was released after his arrest and the next day, according to the report, called Scottsdale police back to his gallery, claiming the victims listed in the sexual assault case had stolen $2,800 in cash and used his credit card to book first class airplane tickets to Texas.

The report said Knox also gave officers two baggies of drugs he claimed cops had left at the gallery during their search the day before. Police seized the two baggies of meth and another drug.

Knox is out of jail pending further investigation on this case.

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