Thứ Ba, 8 tháng 4, 2014

FL - Councilman responds to "Camp Convict"

The laws that are creating homeless camps like this are by politicians who do not have the balls to obey their oath of office to defend the Constitution and the rights of others. I'm sure Ron Book, or the "Homeless Trust", will step in, shut the camp down, and it will just move somewhere else, just like it's been done for years. Warren Jones has no clue about how registrants are treated. The homeless shelters won't take them in because they are also scared of the negative publicity. The man interviewed at the end has no clue how hard it is for registrants to "move on."

Video Description:
We showed you this place that some call "Camp Convict," where former prison inmates are staying in tents. They say they are limited to where they can live because of the types of crimes they committed. We talked to a city councilman who's concerned about the camp.

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