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LA - Drunk lawyer (Jennifer Gaubert) tries to seduce a cab driver

Jennifer Gaubert
Jennifer Gaubert
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She tried, pleaded and used every trick in her book — but ultimately left frustrated after failing to seduce a cabbie, who rebuffed her multiple attempts, saying he was loyal to his girlfriend.

Now video of that 2012 incident has been released to the public after the encounter sparked a dramatic legal battle.

Initially after the incident, the woman, Jennifer Gaubert, 33, contacted the New Orleans Police Department alleging cabbie _____, 39, attempted to blackmail her after secretly recording her in compromising sexual positions.

The 39-year-old driver was arrested, though later released and never charged. In September 2013, Gaubert was charged with making false statements to investigators, according to WDSU-TV.

However, after viewing the video at a trial last week, a judge convicted the 33-year-old lawyer of simple battery, the Times-Picayune reported. She is appealing.
- That's all?  What if a man was doing this to a woman?

Now, the man is suing the police, contending he was falsely imprisoned and suffered emotional distress because officers didn’t verify Gaubert’s claims before detaining him. According to the Times-Picayune, _____’s lawsuit claims he was victim of a false arrest, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution and kidnapping. The cabbie lost his job and his mugshot appeared on several news outlets connecting him to the incident.

According to the lawsuit, Gaubert aggressively attempted to seduce him and refused his orders to leave the cab.

The video starts after the two both concede they kissed. It shows Gaubert in the front seat with her legs open and dress lifted up.

Please,” she asks, tugging on her underwear as she begs _____ to “come here.”

The taxi driver, however, refuses saying he is loyal and dedicated to his girlfriend.

Can you chill out for two seconds? You’re hot. You’re a f***in hot guy. I’m a girl. It happens,” Gaubert is heard saying in the video.

No, I’m a faithful man,” _____ counters.

Eventually, the 39-year-old is able to convince the promiscuous lawyer that he is not interested. He later drops her off at her house.

Your girlfriend is a lucky girl,” Gaubert quips as she exists the taxi.

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