Thứ Ba, 22 tháng 4, 2014

NCMEC - Hope Is Why We're Here (Misleading Video)

This video is misleading. This organization DOES NOT make children any safer from criminals, they only come in after the fact to help find the person dead or alive. That is a big difference!

They say they help prevent and solve crimes. How is that exactly?

If someone is intent on sexually abusing, kidnapping or even murdering someone, nothing they do will prevent that.

They say the FBI reports that 500,000 reports are made of missing children each year. Sounds like one of those magical Goldilock numbers to us, but we could be wrong.

Then they show the case of Jacon Wetterling, who was kidnapped, but a crime they did not solve.

Also they show the Adam Walsh act, which is another crime they did not prevent, and it was never proven Adam was sexually abused or who murdered him, but that didn't stop John Walsh from pushing the Adam Walsh act to put ex-sex offenders on a public list, which also doesn't prevent crime. And what about the fact that he dated Reve when she was underage? If they had sex then, then John Walsh committed a sexual crime.

They should be putting out educational material, online and in schools, that is what may prevent a crime, but hey, who are we?

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