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OK - House of Representatives votes to ban habitual or aggravated sex offenders in parks

Josh Cockroft
Josh Cockroft
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As long as there are politicians they will exploit people and situations for their own gain while trampling on the civil / human rights of others.

Most sexual crimes occur by the victims own family, not some stranger in a park, but hey, that doesn't get brownie points from the people now does it?


OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma House of Representatives has voted to prohibit habitual or aggravated sex offenders from entering a neighborhood, town, county or state park.

The House voted 93-1 Monday for the bill that bans individuals who have committed a crime against a child or individuals who have committed more than one sex crime from entering the parks. Republican Rep. Josh Cockroft of Wanette said the bill stems from uncertainty over whether or not state parks are included in a current ban.

Cockroft said he believes sex offender laws need to be continually updated to make sure there are no loopholes allowing sex offenders access to public places frequented by children.
- That would be pretty much everywhere!

The bill now returns to the Senate for consideration of House amendments.

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