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The Lost Daughter

User Story
The following was sent to us via the "Tell us your story" form and posted with the users permission.

By A:
All I am when I think about this is confused. Partly hurt, but mostly confused. And alone. My dad is an RSO. It's something that I don't tell my friends or talk about at all, except for my family. I do walk in fear that someone might find out because of the online registry and treat me badly because of it or ridicule my family. It would be AMAZINGLY helpful if my father could actually learn a decent living wage like most people, in order for our family to live well. And not to be defined by his societal title. I have dreams of being a classical musician and am at a loss how I'm going to pay for my Conservatory tuition or a new instrument. It hurts to see that many others can be supported by their parents and I can't explain why mine cannot.

I hope that things can change and life can get better for RSO's, and their families.

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