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TX - Former Odessa Police Officer (Salvador Becerra) Now Faces Sexual Assault Charge

Salvador Becerra
Salvador Becerra
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Odessa (Big 2 News) - "What has occurred is disgusting and it's not tolerated within this department," said Cpl. Steve LeSueur, communications officer for the Odessa Police Department.

Former police officer Salvador Becerra was arrested early in March.

Three different women came forward saying they were touched inappropriate during traffic stops.

"Becerra went through a background check just like every other officer did. He had to take every other test throughout the entire background process," LeSueur said.

Now, three weeks later, Becerra was arrested again after state troopers say two additional victims were identified.

This adds one count of sexual assault to Becerra's list of charges.

"The reality is that this is involving one officer. We have 182 sworn officers here in the Odessa Police Department, this is involving one officer," LeSueur said.

Even with a system to enforce guidelines and rules for officers to follow, Becerra's acts still went unnoticed.

But, police officials say this was a disappointing decision made by one former officer that does not represent the entire police department.

"There's a system in place and as long as you know, that system is followed, then it would work. However these are the actions of one individual who chose to take a certain path," LeSueur said.

According to affidavits obtained by Big 2, Becerra approached the latest victim that came forward claiming he needed to search her motel room after finding an open container of beer in her vehicle.

The affidavit states the victim was afraid if she did not perform sexual acts on Becerra, she would be arrested and taken to jail.

"We work so hard to get the trust of the citizens and Becerra's actions just made it extremely difficult for us to accomplish that," LeSueur said.
- Are you forgetting that everybody is innocent until proven guilty?  You've pretty much thrown him under the bus already!

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