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What is the opportunity?

The following was sent to us via the "Tell Us Your Story" form and posted with the users permission.

By James:
While their is good and bad in everything I have to question these internet sting operations. Most all sting operations I know of are done in public with something tangible, such as a bait car, underage alcohol purchasing, speeding, prostitution rings, murder for hire. etc.

I cannot think of any occasion that a sting operation is not done in the physical since.

None of these internet sting operations wouldn't happen in public and that's a fact.

Using an internet were one cannot see who's really on the other end of the screen doesn't give any advantage and to me that would seem to go against the police code of ethics.

If you really think about this one has to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and look at all this with common sense.

What is the opportunity?

Is this a real teenage gal or a fictitious gal posing as horny person in an adult chat room?

What's a teenage gal doing in an adult chat room?

Who entices who?

Who suggests meeting? Was it her or you or did you ask if she would like to meet you. Their is a difference.

These internet sting operations are cunning and the so called fictitious teenager will use everything to try to bring you down to her level.

Now suppose you suggested if she would like to meet you, I would image she would be soliciting herself if she said yes.

Now suppose you said that you had a condition before meeting that their was to be no sex.......... I would think the whole opportunity for the chat was for the purpose of having sex but since you can't have sex with a six foot officer than it has to be attempt.

I am just wondering what kind of ruse the police are doing all in the name of safety on an adult chat site when yahoo states one has to be 18 to participate.

I am not quite sure about other chat sites about age but from what yahoo states one has to be 18 and has to register which is a form of a contract stating the person's age.

I don't know about the rate of internet sting operations verses actual crimes involving real teens or kids but I do know that these sting operations are a cottage industry for police and they are making a lot of money with these so called cat and mouse games.

If anyone out there reads this could you please enlighten me on all this as I would love to know how the american citizen is getting duped by all this.Contact me at

I have wrote letters to my congressman and am getting ready to write the judge in my case as we all need to stand up and not let this go on deaf ears.

Stand up for your rights! Two things I think all people hate are liars and thief's........... and they are thief's when they take your rights away.

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