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WI - Man (T.J. Robert Hunt) convicted of setting sex offfender’s house on fire

T.J. Robert Hunt
T.J. Robert Hunt
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How many ex-offenders are going to be harassed, beaten or murdered before the online hit-list is taken offline and used by police only?


STURGEON BAY - A man who didn’t like that a sex offender moved into the neighborhood, so he set that man’s home on fire, was convicted Thursday.

T.J. Robert Hunt pleaded no contest to arson, according to online court records. Three other counts were dismissed.

Sentencing is scheduled for July 14 in Door County Circuit Court.

Hunt and Justin Baker set fire to the residence of _____. _____ was convicted in Michigan in 2009 of 2nd Degree Criminal Sexual Assault, according to the state registry. Authorities said the two cited _____’s sex offender status as the reason for the fire.

Baker returns to court April 29 for a plea hearing.

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