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End of Love (Documentary)

End of Love Documentary
Original Article (Survey)

They are looking for people to interview for this documentary, so if you are interested, take the survey (link above) and contact them if needed.

Matt, Neil, Josh and Zach sought out pornography on the Internet as adolescents. Today they are convicted felons on the National Sex Offender Registry. Their names, photos and addresses are public information available on the Internet. Their residency, movement and employment options are extremely limited.

Law enforcement officials say child pornography possession constitutes the fastest growing prosecuted crime in the US. END OF LOVE is a feature-length documentary about the epidemic of males who are being convicted of downloading child pornography - how it happens and what it says about who we are.

END OF LOVE questions why and how the impulse to seek out child pornography originates in boys and men. Is their on-line sexual exploration and arousal responding to the normalization of sexualized images of underage girls in popular culture? Taking into consideration new discoveries in brain development and addictive behavior, does uncontrolled access to the cornucopia of sexual acts on the Internet at an early age pre-dispose youth to become eventual consumers of child pornography? Or not?

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