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FL - No Sex Offender Label for Convicted 'Officer of the Year' (Jonathan Bleiweiss) in Florida

Jonathan Bleiweiss
Jonathan Bleiweiss
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A former Florida cop who forced undocumented immigrants to have sex with him will not be required to register with the state as a sex offender, thanks to a plea deal that one attorney called “shocking and shameful to the whole county.”

Months after he was named “Officer of the Year” in 2008, former Broward Sheriff's deputy Jonathan Bleiweiss was charged with multiple sex crimes. About 20 male undocumented immigrants accused Bleiweiss of sexually assaulting them.

The men alleged that Bleiweiss molested them during pat-downs and threatened them with deportation if they refused to perform sex acts.

Last week, Bleiweiss and prosecutors reached a bafflingly lenient plea agreement that would bring a conclusion to all seven of the cases pending against him.

So the former deputy pleaded guilty to multiple counts of battery, stalking and false imprisonment. He will serve five years in prison, but will not be classified as a sex offender.

Before he was ever suspected of committing any crimes, the openly gay Bleiweiss told a local newspaper that early in his career, one of his supervisors taunted him by calling him "sex offender."

Now, with that label never having been more appropriate, Bleiwiss will not have to wear it.

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