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The effects of S.O. registry to the family members

The following was sent to us via the "Tell Us Your Story" form and posted with the users permission.

By Hard Life:
I am a wife of a very low to no risk R.S.O. We are so affected with this SORNA and International Megan's Law. The majority of my immediate family members are living abroad (third world country). They cannot come to USA at all. Me and my family can visit them anytime before. Now, we are so scared that my husband will be denied entry in any country abroad. We cannot travel outside USA anymore. We felt that the new law is a double jeopardy. My husband did his time, not on any parole or probation. He is supposedly free man, except the burden of registering. No other convictions or sex offense. He was framed up by his own biological father 28 years ago. During that time, he was young and so naive. Convicted without proper trial. He tried every possible way to be accepted in this society and to protect us his family from the SO stigma.

Now, we felt that the new S.O. law punishing him again for a lifetime for making USA as a cage. Now, this country became a jail for him and for his entire family. The only few weeks a year we can have to spend time personally with our immediate family abroad were terminated by this new law. This registry and SO national database that black lists S.O. are creating damage to more people. It is not protecting the public. Instead it ruins family relationships, SO family members morale and dignity, and more.

There are more people out there that endangers the public like terrorists, bombers, sex and human traffickers, drug dealers, serial killers, serial kidnappers and rapist, and more. And yet, the registry is focusing on sex offenders only. The law should make an exemptions and review each individual cases accordingly before subjecting the offenders to this cruel and inhumane law.

I wish the government will open their ears and eyes to the plea of these concerned people. No one is perfect. Many are offenders, the only difference is, their offenses were not reported and they were given a second chance. They know it. It is their conscience and guilt that will hunt them down. If you are a person who can help in this situation, please help. Help the poor families being affected with this law. The offenders paid their debts in the society. They were stripped of every single rights they had. They cannot get jobs to support their families. Their families were put into shame, traumatized, and stigma for the rest of their lives.

Many of these offenders just wanted to have a normal life, a second chance, and understanding. If the government can give a second chance to other ex-convicts, why the low risk offenders cannot have the same treatment.


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