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Child custody brings new charges

The following was sent to us via the "Tell Us Your Story" form and posted with the users permission.

By Rail Roaded:
I have a sex assault conviction in 1994 for pinching a nine year old girl inappropriately. Yes, I was messed up and high and yes, I did plea guilty to it in order to plea bargain and avoid jail time. I was naive.

I was sentenced to 4 years probation and classes. I was not required to register. There was no registration requirement in Colorado until three months after my conviction. A Year later I was required to register retroactively. That is additional, retro-active punishment.

I completed my classes, but failed probation and was revoked for drug use/failed urinalysis. I did use drugs. I readily take responsibility for that. I was sentenced to Six years in prison.

It get's so much worse. Read on.

After completing prison and still a level one offender now 14 years offense free, and one who's name did NOT show up on the internet, I met and fell in love with a woman in Arkansas I should have avoided. We birthed a beautiful baby boy and our relationship fell apart.

This woman has a known reputation for filing false charges and mental health concerns, although highly intelligent and manipulative.

When she began to act more and more toxic and insane around our baby, I did what any father would do. I filed for custody in the Arkansas family Courts.

She had a son whom I had contact with. He was fourteen. The week I filed for custody, the son claimed I had touched him inappropriately a year prior, not remembering when exactly. There was no date, no proof, no witness and he waited a year until he reported in conclusion of me wanting custody of his half brother- my new baby.

As a previous convicted sex offender I was arrested, held on a $1 million dollar bond and charged with a new sex offense as well as failure to register.

The young man would not show up on the day of trial. I was told I would get twelve years in prison for failure to register (statute allowed it) unless I plead to a non-sex class A misdemeanor for simple assault. Time served. I then took a plea bargain on the failure to register and did my one year in jail. I was in jail a month when SORSA came to the jail and said I had a new sex offense (remember I plead to a misdemeanor, non-sex offense for assault) and I was elevated to a class III sex offender requiring community notification and living restrictions. This is Arkansas and in that State there are 4 levels, not III like most States. I was now a level III. Not the highest.

I paroled to Washington State and because I was a level III ( unjustly) in Arkansas, second to highest level, Washington now had to put me as a level III (Highest Level!)

My life has been a living hell. I can't find a place to live. I live in a garage. I tried to open a business but I couldn't. I wear an ankle bracelet and I have more restrictions than you can count. It is now 21 years since my initial and only sex offense. I have lifetime, level III registration, my ex has blogged me and my business all over the internet. I am absolutely miserable and absolutely angry and bitter.

Those of you who are SO's know about sexual history polygraphs. I've taken six in the last 21 years and passed each and every one of them which limit my one offense in 1994 as the only thing I have EVER done that was inappropriate.

We have to rally together and repeal these registration laws and we also have to start filing civil charges against anyone who posts untrue, misleading or anonymous web blogs and posts about us. I need serious help in dealing with the injustices.

I read a great blog about the ridiculousness of registration and actual, hard data at

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